Our job is to help our customers to solve all kinds of logistics problems. We will assit the enterprises to realize their advantages with our high-quality and partnership service. In order to become competitive logistitic partner,we will create continuously,defeat difficulties and proceed without fear.

Be customer-oriented
Junjia Logistics provides our customers with special,innovation and leading logistics solution. We will stand closely with customers and form the strategic partnership,and we will also improve and innovate our service standard and contents to help our customers to focus on their competitive advantage,finally Junjia and customers can realize its win-win situation. Customers¡¯success is ours success.

Local advantage, international standard
As a logistics firm located in shanghai, our process and details can be adapted with Chinese current situation.we have modern logistics technology and excellet IT system, we also have international talents to provide our customer with international standard service and solution,which can make the whole supply chain transparent and efficient.

Add: 1717 sichuan road north of hongkou district of Shanghai jia jie international plaza, room 2207 ¡¡
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